Data Angel Overseas

Know where you stand with your data on overseas trips. You’ll see exactly what you’re paying, and there’s no surprising bill at the end

If you're on one of our eligible On Account plans you can use your plan minutes, TXTs and data in 23 destinations for $5 a day with Daily Roaming.

If you’re travelling to other destinations, or if you’re on one of our Mobile Broadband or older plans, you can buy the data you need, as you need it with Data Angel Overseas.

We'll send you a TXT when you've used 80% and 100% of your data, so you'll always know exactly what you're spending. Applies to Mobile Broadband and other plans not eligible for Daily Roaming.

Data Angel is a registered trademark of Vodafone New Zealand.

Important things to know

  • Only for On Account Customers
  • Only one bundle per zone at any one time
  • Bundles are only valid for countries in that zone
  • Maritime roaming is not covered by Data Angel Overseas
  • Your data roaming bundle will only start once you start using data. You have 30 days from purchase in which to start using data
  • Once your data bundle is activated, any data not used within 30 days will be lost
  • Casual data rates are no longer available
  • iPad users will not receive a welcome TXT or 80% and 100% notifications but your mobile web browser will re-direct you to the page to choose and buy your bundles
  • You cannot buy bundles via TXT if you are on iPad or Corporate APN


  • If you are using email and your data session stops - go to your mobile web browser to be re-directed to the page to buy another bundle
  • If you do not receive a welcome TXT or your browser does not re-direct check that you have roaming enabled on your device
Important things to know 

Great value data bundles

$15 for 100MB $30 for 250MB $50 for 500MB
Free TXT to 747 A and size of bundle to buy (i.e A100, A250 or A500)
Included countries: Australia / Christmas Island


$15 for 40MB $30 for 100MB $50 for 200MB
Free TXT to 747 B and size of bundle to buy (i.e B40, B100 or B200)
Included countries: Aaland Islands,Albania / Argentina / Austria / Belgium / Brazil / Bulgaria / Canada / Chile / China / Colombia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Easter Island / Egypt / Estonia / Faroe Islands / Fiji / Finland / France / Germany / Ghana / Greece / Guam / Guernsey / Hong Kong / Hungary / Iceland / Indonesia / Ireland / Israel / Italy / Japan / Jersey / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malaysia / Malta / Mayotte / Mexico / Netherlands / Northern Mariana Islands / Norway / Palestine / Panama / Paraguay / Peru / Philippines / Poland / Portugal / Qatar / Romania / San Marino / Singapore / Slovak Republic / Slovenia / South Africa / South Korea / Spain / Sri Lanka / Svalbard / Sweden / Switzerland / Taiwan / Tanzania / The Isle of Man / Turkey / United Arab Emirates / United Kingdom / United States of America / Uruguay / Vietnam / Zanzibar


$30 for 5MB $50 for 10MB $100 for 25MB
Free TXT to 747 C and size of bundle to buy (i.e C5, C10 or C25)
Included countries: Afghanistan / Anguilla / Antigua / Aruba / Azerbaijan / Bahrain / Barbados / Bermuda / British Virgin Islands / Brunei / Cambodia / Caraibe / Cayman Islands / Cook Islands (Rarotonga) / Costa Rica / Croatia / El Salvador / French West Indies / Gambia / Georgia / Gibraltar / Grenada / Guadeloupe / Guatemala / Guyana / Haiti / India / Iraq / Jamaica / Jordan / Kosovo / Liechtenstein / Macau / Macedonia / Madagascar / Maldives / Monaco / Mongolia / Montenegro / Mozambique / Namibia / Nauru / New Caledonia / Oman / Pakistan / Papua New Guinea / Puerto Rico / Rarotonga / Reunion / Russia / Rwanda / Saint Kitts and Nevis / Saint Lucia / Saint Vincent and the Grenadines / Samoa / Saudi / Saudi Arabia / Serbia / St Barthelemy / St Martin / Tahiti / Thailand / Tonga / Turks and Caicos / Ukraine / Uzbekistan / Vanuatu / Vatican City State / Virgin Islands US / Yemen



How Data Angel Overseas works

When you go onto the web at your destination, you'll be re-directed to buy a data bundle or you can buy a bundle up to 30 days before you fly. Simply TXT the code for the data bundle you want to 747.

Or visit and follow the instructions.

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, we recommend you download the My Vodafone app before you go. This is the easiest way to manage your account, check roaming prices and buy more data while roaming and at home.

You'll get a TXT* telling you how to buy a Data Angel Overseas bundle. Or, open your web browser and your tablet will automatically take you to our website.

You can purchase data bundles as and when you need them through My Vodafone .

When you've used 80% of your data allowance, we'll let you know you're about to run out. When you hit 100%, we'll ask if you'd like to buy a new bundle.

If you've got a tablet and you've used up your bundle, you won't get TXTs but we'll re-direct your web browser to our mobi site so you can choose another one.

*TXTs are not available for iPads or iPad Mini.