Monitor and manage all your remote devices

M2M lets you monitor and manage thousands of devices at home and overseas

M2M is the remote exchange of data between two or more devices or a central station that supports specific business processes or products. And right now Machine to Machine technology is changing the way that businesses operate. 

It's a flexible technology that uses common equipment in new ways. Every day, businesses, engineers, scientists, doctors and many others are finding new ways to use this new communications tool.

Vodafone is a world leader in M2M technology with the systems, funding and structures in place to help your business profit from this technology and its many diverse applications.

Whether it’s increased efficiency, cost reduction, or improved customer satisfaction, Vodafone’s M2M technology can give your business the edge.


How and where can M2M technology be used?

Anywhere and anytime – giving you access to real-time intelligence, reducing setup and management costs:

  • Gain immediate feedback on how a remote asset is being used
  • Monitor its “vital signs”
  • Make remote configuration changes and identify problems as they occur
  • Track delivery fleets and manage valuable assets in transit
  • Monitor vending machine stock levels or accept credit card payments

Why M2M from Vodafone?

M2M is different, requiring new thinking with new commercial models, SIM logistics, security, and support. You can trust us as the experts to help you with this.

We’ve got:

  • 20 years experience in M2M
  • A global M2M platform, providing managed connectivity and device management
  • Dedicated processes for SIM logistics and qualified M2M support
  • Dedicated NZ-based M2M team for seven years directly supporting our local M2M customers, while leveraging the capability, expertise and market leadership of our global organisation

Vodafone has the coverage to make M2M work for you

  • Coverage in 97% of the places people live and work in NZ
  • Coverage on 550 networks in 205 countries
  • Global Services Platform offering single SIM use, and delivery and access anywhere
  • We are the only NZ operator with dedicated GPRS network and overlapping 2G and 3G coverage
  • We have the access and control to deliver a high quality network experience to you and your customers

Our network investment shows we’re serious

Vodafone New Zealand’s $2 billion network continues to grow every year with large capital investments in new coverage, capacity, resiliency, innovative services and new access technologies like 4G LTE.


M2M and our corporate responsibility

  • Vodafone will provide 10 million carbon-reducing Machine to Machine connections by March 2013
  • Our target is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50% by March 2020
  • Develop joint CO2 reduction strategies with suppliers accounting for 50% of procurement spend by March 2012
Play Video M-PESA - Changing lives in a changing world

Leading the way in M2M innovation

  • According to The Gartner Magic Quadrant (a leading US based research and advisory firm), Vodafone is a world leader in Machine to Machine technology
  • Vodafone ranked 1st by Machine Research in M2M Communication Service Provider Benchmarking Study (Jan 2012)
  • Analysis Mason recognised Vodafone as an M2M Industry Icon: M2M Communication Service Provider Scorecard, 2012  
  • Vodafone is leading the pack with mobile marketing applications
  • In much of Africa, banking is now carried out through the mobile network through a successful Vodafone service called  M-PESA

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