Vodafone TV App

Terms and Conditions

  1. The following terms and conditions (as well as Vodafone’s Website Terms and Conditions and Vodafone’s Privacy Policy) apply to your use of the Vodafone TV App.  It is important that you read these terms and conditions, Vodafone's Website Terms and Vodafone's Privacy Policy carefully because by using the Vodafone TV App you will be deemed to have accepted them. If you do not accept these terms, do not use the Vodafone TV App.
  1. The Vodafone TV App is a free app that is available for download from Google Play or the Apple App Store. To use the Vodafone TV App to remote record you must be a Vodafone Digital TV Recorder customer and you must pair your mobile device to your Vodafone Digital TV Recorder. 
  1. The Vodafone TV App enables you to initiate the recording of programmes on your Vodafone Digital TV Recorder remotely. By tapping on the ‘Record’ button in the Electronic Programme Guide, the Vodafone TV App sends a request to your Vodafone Digital TV Recorder to record the selected programme.  If your request is successful, the selected programme will be marked with a red dot recording indicator in the planner in the menu of your Vodafone Digital TV Recorder.  
  1. Vodafone does not guarantee the availability of the Vodafone TV App, or that any requests made via the Vodafone TV App will be successful. A request to record may not be successful because of a number of reasons including:
    1. you are not subscribed to the programme you have selected;
    2. there is not enough space available on your Vodafone Digital TV Recorder hard disk;
    3. your Vodafone Digital TV Recorder is not powered on;
    4. there are already two record requests for the same time slot;
    5. the programme may have already started; or
    6. you did not make the booking within the required time limit before the programme (being 5 minutes before).
  1. Without limiting clauses 23 to 27 of Vodafone's Website Terms and Conditions, Vodafone does not accept any liability for the unavailability of the Vodafone TV App or any failed recording requests.
  2. Vodafone may cancel or suspend the availability of the Vodafone TV App at any time.  Vodafone may also transfer the service to any third party at any time without notification to you.