Support Policy

Terms and Conditions

For customers who signed up Services with TelstraClear pre-1 April 2013.

On 31 March 2013 Vodafone Fixed Limited trading as TelstraClear (“TelstraClear”) merged with Vodafone New Zealand Limited (“Vodafone”).  Vodafone has assumed all the rights and obligations of TelstraClear.

The following software packages are assumed to be running on Windows 98 or higher, or Mac OS 8 or higher. If you are running any other operating system, or the same OS in any language other than English, we can provide limited assistance specific to our services, but are unable to guide you through the set up process, or assist with technical problems.



Apple Mac:

Outlook 2000 and higher
Outlook Express 5.0 and higher
Windows Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird

Apple Mail
Outlook Express
Mozilla Thunderbird

For other programs (eg. Eudora, Incredimail, Pegasus) we are able to provide standard Clearnet email settings for the user to enter.

Web Browsing


Apple Mac:

Internet Explorer 5 and higher
Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer 4.5 and higher


We provide full support for Clearnet Webmail.

Web Hosting

We support personal and professional web hosting, including providing settings for the the user to enter into their choice of FTP software.

Connect VPN

We provide full support for Vodafone Connect VPN services, including email and remote desktop applications.

Gaming Consoles

Microsoft XBOX
Microsoft XBOX 360
Nintendo Wii

Sony Playstation 2
Sony Playstation 3