Free Talk 2 (National calling) for the life of the plan

Terms and Conditions

Talk 2 – Unlimited number of calls to national landlines anytime

Free Talk 2 for the life of plan is only available to selected customers who sign up to a 40GB, 80GB or Unlimited Broadband data and home phone plan on a 12 month term.

If you change to another plan you will no longer receive Talk 2 for free.

For Talk 2, calls to national landlines are zero-rated for up to two hours at any time. Calls in excess of the two hour per call cap will be charged on a per minute basis thereafter in accordance with your calling plan. 

For calls not included in your Talk add-on the standard per minute landline and mobile rates apply. See

See for a full list of international calling rates.

If you're calling an overseas mobile (unless a special mobile rate is listed on the Vodafone website) it will cost the same as the normal country rate.

If you dial 059 or 0161 to access Spark's network before making a call from your Vodafone home phone you'll be charged at Spark's retail rates. 018 and 0900 and other special numbers are also not included in your Talk add-on and will be charged in addition to your Talk add-on.

There is a one minute minimum charge for fixed line calls. All calls are rounded up and charged by the minute.

Talk add-ons are for standard residential use only.  Not available for use in contact centres, for telesales, auto-dialling, continuous call forwarding, telemarketing, or multiple simultaneous calling or similar non-standard residential use.

Some Talk add-ons are not available in conjunction with other calling add-ons.

Consumer and Residential Broadband, TV and Fixed Line terms apply, see