NZ & OZ Mins Add-On

Terms and Conditions

  • To be eligible to purchase the NZ&OZ Add-On (NZ&OZ) you must be on one of the following plans: MyFlex Prepay, A Kiwi Favourite $19, Big Data Bundle $28, Prepay $9, $19 or $29.
  • NZ&OZ gives you up to 100 minutes to use for calling landlines and mobiles in New Zealand and Australia. Calls will be rounded up to the closest minute.
  • The NZ&OZ Add-on will be valid for 30 days from purchase, and will not carry over.
  • If you have used up your NZ&OZ minutes allocation, standard charges will apply.
  • You cannot use your NZ&OZ minutes allocation if you are roaming. Standard roaming rates will apply.
  • If you cancel your NZ&OZ Add-on, you cannot purchase a new NZ&OZ Add-On until your cancelled NZ&OZ Add-On has expired (which is 30 days from purchase).
  • Order of use applies: The NZ&OZ Add-on will be used after any Prepay Deals or Always Available Deals you purchase but before the core entitlements of your Plan
  • Prepay Boost Terms and Conditions apply.