Home Phone Wireless

Terms and Conditions

  1. If you have applied for the Vodafone home phone wireless service, these terms and conditions will apply to your connection.
  2. Mobile Terms and Conditions and Customer Terms and Condiitons will also apply.
  3. The Equipment (being the Vodafone at home device) can only be used at the address you provided us and you may not resell it.
  4. You may discontinue your connection to our network by calling Customer Services and giving us a minimum of one calendar month's notice. Your connection to our network or this Service will be disconnected one calendar month after receiving your notice and this shall be the date of disconnection. You must however pay the applicable subsidy recovery charge for the Equipment as specified in your Vodafone home phone wireless plan if you cancel the Service within the first 12 months.
  5. If you move house within 12 months of signing up to Vodafone home phone wireless and it is not possible to transfer the Service to your new address, you may disconnect your Service, and subsidy recovery charges will apply.
  6. If you move house after 12 months of using the Vodafone home phone wireless Service and wish to transfer your Service to your new home, please notify us on the day you move by calling 0800 189 189.
    6.1. If it is possible to transfer the Service to your new address and you give us all the relevant details, we will do so.
    6.2. If it is not possible to transfer the Service to your new address, you may disconnect your Service without paying any subsidy recovery charge.
  7. The Equipment does not support data connections and will not therefore support functions such as Sky betting, gaming, home alarm monitoring systems or fax machines.
  8. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will disclose your name, number and address to emergency services to assist them in responding to emergency calls from your number.