Prepay Pay & Go

Prepay Rates

If you want flexibility to only pay for what you use

Pay & Go is a simple plan with casual rates only. Switch to this plan and get these great rates.

  • 20c per minute
  • 1c per TXT
  • 20c per MB

Accepting this offer to switch via TXT is only available to customers who have been contacted directly by TXT by Vodafone.  TXT to switch offer expires on the first Thursday after you receive the TXT from Vodafone at 9am.  After Thursday, you may switch to this plan via the My Vodafone App, Online or instore.


  1. All Calls and TXTs to standard NZ numbers and Data usage will be charged at the rates listed above, and deducted from your Prepay balance.
  2. Rates for additional services including the following can be found here:
    • International numbers;
    • Special or premium numbers or TXTs (e.g. 0900, premium SMS services);
    • Voice services (e.g. 018, voicemail);
    • Data calls and usage;
    • Video calling;
    • Roaming services;
  3. Calls are rounded up to the next minute. For example, if your call is 1 minute and 40 seconds, or you will be charged two minutes for the chargeable call.
  4. This plan doesn’t include Always Available Deals, but does include Prepay Deals.
  5. Money loaded on your Prepay account remains available for 360 days.  The minimum top up amount for your Prepay account is $20, unless we advise you otherwise on our Website.
  6. If you do not put any credit on your Prepay account for a period of 360 days since your last top-up, your account will become inactive after 360 days. If your Prepay Service become inactive:
    1. you will lose your allocated phone number;
    2. you will lose any credit in your Prepay account; and
    3. you will lose any names, numbers or other details stored on your SIMcard.
  7. To check your balance, free TXT MY ADDONS to 756 or sign in to My Vodafone.