Ready Business Kickstart 2017

Vodafone One Business Mobile

After 12 months of chasing your tail – juggling paper work, customers, incoming calls – you’re back from the break with fresh ideas, and new energy.  But how do you kick things off differently? How do you simplify the way your team works together, make it easier to nail every opportunity, and work from pretty much wherever you are?

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Vodafone One Business Mobile

Vodafone One Business Mobile

Vodafone One Business is the smart way to build a more efficient team. Calls are guided to available team members, even if they’re out of the office, allowing you to be more responsive. Get PBX functionality on your business mobiles without the PBX investment. Pay per user and scale as you grow, so you’re in control with easier-to-manage costs.

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RedShare for Business ›

Got a lot of people working on the go? Fed up with having to manage their usage? Try this: one plan for the whole team, with one shared pool of data, unlimited standard calls and TXTs to NZ and Oz– and complete control at your fingertips.

Office net Unlimited

Office Net Unlimited+ ›

Go faster in 2017. Enjoy virtually endless Internet, and set your office phones free. Get unlimited business broadband over fibre, with unlimited standard calls to landlines and mobiles in NZ and Oz. Plus, add a second calling line for just $20.

Fibre for Business

Fibre for Business ›

Do more online all at the same time, from downloading large files and emails without waiting, seamless video conferencing, large file transfers to accessing cloud services even quicker and running your account software without lag.  It can help your business stay agile and competitive, keeping ahead of your rivals.

Interest Free payment for Business

Interest free payment for business ›

Interest Free Payment for Business gives you the flexibility and affordability you need for your business. The cost of your devices is added to your eligible monthly mobile connection plan costs, giving you an affordable amount to pay each month.


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Check out how the team at Les Mills keep things running and stay connected while overseas, without breaking a sweat over the costs.

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Check out how DB Breweries have capped errors and avoided bottlenecks by using smart communication tools to streamline the business of brewing beer.