Travel with your mobile

It's easy to use your Vodafone mobile phone or tablet overseas like you would at home.

Use your mobile, laptop or tablet just about anywhere in the world with Vodafone. Here are tips on how to get set up before you go, check roaming rates for your destination and how to track your data use, and even how to pay your bill or Top Up while away.

If you're coming to visit New Zealand, below is how to keep connected to your family and friends back home.


Roaming help

Find out everything you need to know about using and managing roaming on your mobile, laptop or iPad

Get set up for roaming ›

Man looks at his laptop checking his plan on My Vodafone

Before you leave NZ, there are just a few simple steps you need to take.

Handy roaming tips ›

Businessman looking at mobile phone while sitting by luggage on carousel in airport

Get some tips on calling, TXTing and managing your data overseas.

Roaming rates in My Vodafone ›

Mobile Phone With Using Mobile Overseas Screen

My Vodafone is the quickest and easiest way to find roaming pricing specific to your plan.

Top Up while you're overseas ›

Texting Hand Holding Credit Card

There are heaps of convenient ways to top up while you're away.

In-flight Roaming ›

Commercial airplane

Need to use your mobile or device when you’re flying? It’s easy with Vodafone.

Maritime Roaming ›


If you're heading into international waters, chances are your Vodafone mobile can use our Maritime Roaming service.


Roaming in New Zealand

Keep connected while you’re here on holiday or business

Mount Cook and Pukaki lake, New Zealand

We're stoked (very pleased) you’re visiting NZ and want to help you stay connected either using your own mobile and home network or one of our local SIM packs. If you’re bringing your iPad or iPhone with you, we have SIM packs and plans for those too.

Get an NZ Travel SIM

Roaming in New Zealand ›