Manage mobile data, TXTs and calls

Easy ways to add data, calling features and more for your mobile

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  •  Buy or manage Add-Ons
  •  Keep an eye on data use - at home and overseas
  •  Find out what's using all your data
  •  Add free calling services, like voicemail
  •  Check your balance in My Vodafone

Use and manage your mobile data

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You're in control ›

Check how much data you’ve used and what you’ve got left - in My Vodafone, or via TXT.

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Prepay data Add-Ons ›

Get more data for your Prepay plan with a mobile data bundle.

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What’s eating your data? ›

Check out how much data these common activities use.

Flexible mobile data

Flexi Data ›

We'll TXT you at 80% and 100% of your data. You can then buy more if you want it.

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Travel without worry ›

With Daily Roaming, you use your plan's data like at home and buy more when you need it.

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Be safe when roaming ›

You’ll always know that your connection is secure when you're using Vodafone data.


Add a BestMate, data or international calling and TXTs

On Account

Customise your On Account plan with a great value Add-On.

The easiest way to add or change your Add-Ons is in My Vodafone


Every week we create incredible value deals, tailored to how you use your Prepay mobile phone. You can also take advantage of our Data and Minutes Boosts, which are always available.

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Call controls and features for your mobile

Of course there's voicemail but you can also bar calls, use CallerID, forward your calls, answer multiple calls and have group calls!

Mobile calling services