Dealing with unwanted TXT advertising

Get some tips on how to deal with annoying TXT spam

Spam TXTs are annoying and intrusive. They’re often advertising messages that are sent to thousands of mobile phones at once.

There are lots ways that a company can get your number, so it can be hard to find out how you ended up on their database. Some companies even randomly pick numbers to target with their messages.

What you can do about TXT spam

  • If you don’t recognise the number, don’t reply. By replying you’re showing that your number is active, and you might get even more spam.
  • If you recognise the name of the company sending you the message, it might help to reply with the word STOP.

Report it

It's important to report TXT spam to the Department of Internal Affairs. It's free and easy to do - just forward the spam message via TXT to 7726. You can find out more about this on the Department of Internal Affairs website