Phone number & name change forms

Forms to change your Vodafone account name, transfer your number to someone else or rework your company's mobile connections.

We may need your written authority to make changes to your account, so download the appropriate form, complete it, sign it and send it to us.

Please note: If you need to make changes to both your mobile and fixed line and/or broadband services, you will need to fill in two separate forms. All forms are supplied as PDF documents.


Changed your name and want to update your account details - applies to both mobile and home phone Download
Changed your company's name and want to update your account details* Download
Change ownership of some or all of your company's mobiles Download
Change ownership of your home Broadband / Home Phone account Download
Change ownership of your business Broadband / Landline account Download
Change of Registrant form (Domain name change)
if you have a website domain name and are filling out the change of ownership form for fixed line and broadband


*Only for when the Company Registration Number is not changing

Important things to know

  • These changes only apply if you're changing your account details or transferring a Vodafone mobile number to someone else. If you're selling or giving away your mobile, but keeping your SIM card with your number, you don't need to let us know
  • Remember, if you're transferring ownership of your On Account mobile, you may be liable for early termination charges on your contract. For more information, visit your nearest Vodafone store or call us from your Vodafone mobile on 777
  • If you have moved your number from On Account to Prepay or Prepay to On Account using Payment Flexibility you will be unable to do Mobile Number Change or Change of Ownership in the future
Important things to know