Mobile calling features

Available for On Account mobile, Home Phone Wireless and Rural Broadband customers



Voicemail answers your calls when you can’t. To access your messages, simply dial 707 from your mobile.

If calls to voicemail aren’t included in your plan, or you’re on Prepay, you pay a flat fee of $0.20 each time your retrieve messages, no matter how long it takes.

You can check what plan you’re on in My Vodafone.

How it works

To set up voicemail, call 707 from your mobile, or 021 700 700 from a landline (+64 21 700 700 from overseas). You’ll need to choose a 4-6 digit PIN number.

How it works 


It's simple to prevent incoming or outgoing calls, and handy if you're overseas or more than one person uses your mobile. Here are the Call Barring codes for your mobile.



callerID displays the number calling you. If the caller is in your contact list, you’ll see their name on your screen. If not, you’ll just see the number.

You can prevent your name or number being shown when you call another mobile. Some mobiles let you turn off callerID permanently, others for the next call only. Here's how to block or unblock your mobile callerID.



This service is already active on your mobile. If your phone is off, outside our coverage area or you don’t answer within 20 seconds, callForward sends the call to voicemail or to another number specified by you. You can also choose to forward all calls immediately, for those times when you can’t answer.

Please note: This service is not available for Prepay customers.

How it works

Forward ALL incoming calls to voicemail when roaming overseas
Activate: * * 21 * +6421700700  FREE +6421700700  # (SEND)
Deactivate: # # 21 # (SEND)

Forward ALL incoming calls immediately
Activate: * * 21 * full phone number # (SEND)
Deactivate: # # 21 # (SEND)

Forward unanswered calls
Activate: * * 61 * full phone number # (SEND)
Deactivate: # # 61 # (SEND)

Forward calls when out of coverage or phone switched off
Activate: * * 62 * full phone number # (SEND)
Deactivate: # # 62 # (SEND)

Forward calls when busy
Activate: * * 67 * full phone number # (SEND)
Deactivate: # # 67 # (SEND)

Turn off all forwarding # # 002 # (SEND)

Find out divert status * # Divert Code # (SEND)
Please note: To enter * * as part of your callForward options, you may need to leave a 2 second gap between each press of the * key

How it works 


This lets you answer an incoming call while you’re already on a call. You can also put someone on hold while you call another number.

How it works

If you're talking when another call comes in, your mobile will ‘beep’ and show you the number or name of the incoming caller.

You have about 20 seconds to decide what to do:

  • Say goodbye to your first caller and answer the new call
  • Put the first caller on hold and answer the new call, then switch back and forth between the calls
  • Do nothing and let Voicemail take care of the new caller

See your mobile’s user manual for more details.

How it works 


With groupCall you can talk to up to four people (on mobiles or landlines) at once in a mobile conference call. It’s great for talking to your whole family or team. There’s no cost to activate it, you simply pay for the individual calls at your standard plan rate.

To add groupCall, ring us on 777 or visit your nearest Vodafone store.

How it works

  1. Call the first person, then put them on hold using callWait
  2. Call the next person, then put them on hold
  3. Keep going until you have a maximum of four people
  4. Press the Link or Join option
  5. Hang up when you’re finished – all callers are immediately disconnected
How it works 


This service is already active on your mobile. If you miss a call while your mobile is turned off or outside our coverage area, you’ll receive a free whoCalled TXT with the caller's number as soon as your phone is back in range. If someone tried to call you five times, you get just one TXT, not five.

Switch off whoCalled by freecalling 707 > select 3 > select > select 6.