Vodafone Guardian app for Android

Protect your child by managing their mobile phone use with our free mobile app

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Keep your child safe

Vodafone Guardian is a free Android app* for mobile customers that lets you decide who can call or TXT your child, when they can use their phone and whether they can browse the web, download apps or use the camera.

TXT 'GUARDIAN' to 898 and we'll send you the link.

*Standard download charges apply


Watch a video about the app

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Key features

  • Set the times of day your child can use their phone for calling and web access
  • Bar calls from numbers that aren’t in their contacts/address book
  • Set the phone to only accept calls from friends and family
  • Lock the Internet via browser; WiFi; or even certain apps e.g. YouTube
  • Give your child the ability to choose whether or not to accept TXTs. Unaccepted TXTs are locked in a password protected archive

How do I block the internet on my child’s phone?

  • Go to ‘Phone Features’ then ‘Browser’ and ‘Wi-Fi’
  • To block internet apps like Gmail and You Tube go to ‘Phone Features’ then ‘More’ and select the apps you want to block. You can block the apps completely or restrict by time of day

How do I ensure my child and I can call each other?

  • Go to ‘Calls & Messages’ then ‘Contacts’ select your number and ensure your setting for ‘Incoming Calls’ and ‘Outgoing Calls’ is ‘Always allowed’

How do I stop my child from using TXT messaging?

  • Go to ‘Phone Features’ then ‘More’ then select ‘Messaging’ app to block. Your child will still see incoming TXTs as these aren’t restricted.
  • You can restrict incoming TXTs by selecting ‘Calls & Messages’; ‘Active Hours’ then ‘incoming SMS’

How do I stop my child from uninstalling the Vodafone Guardian app?

  • We recommend that you block ‘Settings’ in the ‘Phone Features’ to prevent your child from being able to remove the app
  • During set-up you’re prompted to download the Vodafone Guardian Add-On. This app will send you a TXT if the child uninstalls the app

What happens if my child needs to use their phone urgently?

  • When your child attempts to make a call they’ll get an ‘emergency override’ option that allows them to use their phone for 15 minutes
  • Set your number in ‘contacts’ as ‘always allowed’ your child can always call you even if the apps ‘Active Hours’ is on
  • At any time your child will be able to call emergency services

What do I do if I forgot my password?

  • When logging into the app select ‘forgotten password’ and a new password will be sent to your phone
Quick tips for use 

How do I get Vodafone Guardian app?

  • Vodafone Guardian is available on Vodafone Prepay and On Account plans
  • Vodafone Guardian is only available for Android-powered mobiles
  • Vodafone Guardian is available from Google's Android Marketplace Customers can TXT ‘GUARDIAN’ to 898 and we’ll send you the link to download the app
  • If you need help setting up, download the Vodafone Guardian quick start guide

  • You can tailor the app settings on your child’s phone 
  • You’ll receive a TXT if your child uses emergency override; deactivates or tries to uninstall the app (standard TXT charges apply)
  • Your child will always be able to call emergency services
  • Calls made to the phone when not allowed on the ‘Active Hours’ setting will be diverted straight to voicemail (the phone won’t ring). If you want to give your child access to voicemail all you need to do is add 707 to their contacts/address book.
  • TXTs/PXTs sent to the phone when not allowed on the ‘Active Hours’ setting will be sent straight to the archive and are only viewable through the app by password.
  • When your child receives a TXT they have the option to ‘Accept’ or ‘Not accept’ the message. If they don’t accept the message it is removed from the phone’s inbox and stored in the app’s archive. If your child receives abusive TXTs that they want to stop then they can stop receiving any from the sender by using our free Blacklist service.
  • The app has a ‘white list’ - which is a set of numbers that will always be allowed no matter what restrictions have been set. These are emergency service numbers, child protection numbers such as Kids Line and key Vodafone numbers like customer services. Read the full Vodafone Guardian white list
  • Vodafone’s Top Me Up service is restricted from your child’s phone. If you want to give your child access to this service you need to add the shortcode 867 to the contacts/address book.
  • Vodafone Guardian Terms and Conditions apply
Important things to know