Safety tips for mobile and online

Handy tips and advice to help you enjoy the mobile and online world safely and securely

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Like most things in life, online technology comes with risks. Bullying, cyber-crime, viruses and exposure to inappropriate material are the downsides of the high-tech world we live in. At Vodafone, we’ve found ways to help keep you safe while you digitally go wherever your mood takes you.


Safety services for your mobile phone

Drive Safe Icon

Stay safe while driving ›

DriveSafe auto-replies to TXTs while you’re driving, so you can keep your eyes on the road.


Digi-Parenting-Tips ›

Get the best advice, simple tips, and tools from digital and parenting experts to help you navigate the online world safely with your family.

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Block unwanted TXTs ›

Add someone to your free Vodafone Blacklist and their TXTs or PXTs won’t reach you.


Safe TXT ›

Leave a free TXT note with Vodafone to say where you are, in case something goes wrong.


Protect yourself from fraud, hoaxes & spam

Hoax TXTs ›

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Hoax TXTs are usually about something that’s too good to be true. We've got some examples, so you know what to look out for.

Protect your identity ›

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Don't be a target for fraudsters. Follow our simple tips to keep your identity safe online.

TXT Spam ›

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Get some tips on how to deal with annoying TXT spam, including how to report it to the Department of Internal Affairs.

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Insurance for On Account mobiles ›

Insure your mobile against loss, theft and accidental damage.*

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Avoid illegal file sharing ›

Get a quick introduction to online copyright law and avoid sharing files illegally.