About Prepay Add-Ons

Add-Ons are extras like data, TXTs or BestMates that let you enjoy more of what you use the most.


How they work

Once active, most Add-Ons renew each month unless you cancel them or don't have enough credit, then it will be suspended (go On Hold) until enough credit is available.

Buy or change

Here are the latest Prepay Add-Ons to choose from. The easiest way to buy or change Add-Ons is in My Vodafone. You can do this directly from your mobile using our free My Vodafone App.

Manage or cancel

The easiest way to manage or cancel Add-Ons is in My Vodafone. Prepay Add-Ons can also be managed using TXT codes.

Cancelling a Prepay Add-On part way through the month

If you do this, your Add-On will be cancelled and will not renew, but will remain active and in use until it is used up or the complete month validity period has expired.

Cancelling a Prepay Add-On that is On Hold

  1. Sign in to My Vodafone
  2. Select 'Manage your Add-ons'
  3. Review your Add-Ons, then select 'Manage your Add-ons'
  4. Select 'cancel' next to the appropriate Add-On
  5. Confirm cancellation.

Important things to know about Add-Ons

  • Only one of each type of Add-On can be active at once (for example, you can’t have two TXT Add-Ons at the same time)
  • An Add-On can be changed once per month only
  • If you are changing from another Add-On of that type, you’ll have to wait until the original Add-On expires (your next billing date )
  • Got a question? Ask the Ninjas online
  • Check out our Add-On FAQs