Help with Prepay Add-Ons

How Add-Ons or Boosts work

When you buy an Add-On, the cost of your Add-On will be deducted from your credit at the time you purchase it. Your Add-On purchase should be done virtually straight away and you will receive a TXT saying it's active.

Your Add-On will auto renew one month from date you bought it providing there is sufficient credit on your account. For example, you buy BestMates on the 18th and, next month on the 18th, our system will go to renew your Add-On. If you don't t have enough credit, then it will be suspended (go On Hold) until enough credit is available.

Please note

  • You can only have one of each type of Add-On at once (i.e. you can’t have two TXT Add-Ons)
  • An Add-On can be changed once per month only
  • If you swap Add-Ons of the same type, you’ll have to wait until the original Add-On expires.

We will send you  TXT notifications about your Add-On to let you know if you've used it up and when it's due to renew.

Buy, change or cancel an Add-On

Find out which Add-Ons are available for you easily on your mobile in My Vodafone, either in the app or on your computer. You can buy, change or cancel your Add-Ons there.

Cancelling an Add-On in My Vodafone

  1. Sign in to My Vodafone
  2. Select 'Plan management'
  3. Select 'cancel' next to the Add-On you don't want
  4. Confirm cancellation.

You can also cancel Add-On by TXT. For info and instructions, TXT 'ADDON INFO' to 756. Then, TXT CANCEL (and the name of the Add-On) to 756.

Once you cancel an Add-On before it's due to expire, your Add-On will be cancelled and will not renew, but it will remain active and in use until it is used up or the valid period has expired.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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