Manage your Prepay Add-Ons

Add-Ons are extras like data, TXTs or BestMates that let you customise and get the most value from your Prepay plan. Available Add-Ons differ between plans


How they work

Once activated, most Add-Ons automatically renew each month unless you cancel them or don't have enough credit for the Add-On to renew, in which case it is suspended until enough credit is available. Check the terms of your Add-On to see how long it lasts for and if it renews automatically.

Buy or change an Add-On

The easiest way to buy or change an Add-On is in My Vodafone. You can do this directly from your mobile using our free My Vodafone App.

You can also Register for My Vodafone from your computer or on our mobi site.

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Manage your Add-Ons by TXT

Prepay Add-Ons can also be managed using TXT codes. Free TXT the following codes to 756 and follow the instructions that we TXT back:

  TXT code:
To find out what Prepay plan you're on CURRENT
To see what Add-Ons you've got, when they renew, and balances MYADDONS
What add-ons are available for me ADDON INFO
To set up your BestMate number (eg Mate 021987654) MATE (mobile number)
To find out what your BestMate numbers are LISTMATES
To change your current BestMate numbers to a new one CHGMATE
To buy BestMate    BUY BESTMATE1000
To buy BestMates 2000    BUY BESTMATES2000
To buy BestMates 3000    BUY BESTMATES3000
To buy InternationalTXT    BUY INTLTXT
To cancel TXT2000    CANCEL TXT2000
To cancel BestMate    CANCEL BESTMATE1000
To cancel BestMates 2000    CANCEL BESTMATES2000
To cancel BestMates 3000    CANCEL BESTMATES3000
To cancel InternationalTXT    CANCEL INTLTXT
To get this list on your mobile    HELP


Cancel a Prepay Add-On

Free TXT CANCEL and the name of the Add-On you want to cancel to 756 and follow the instructions we send back. Your Add-On will be cancelled but will remain active and in use on your Prepay account until it is used up or the complete month period has expired, when it will be removed from your account.

You can also cancel an Add-On in My Vodafone.

Cancelling a Prepay Add-On part way through the month

If you do this, your Add-On will be cancelled and will not renew, but will remain active and in use until it is used up or the complete month validity period has expired.

How to cancel a Prepay Add-On that is on hold

  1. Sign in to My Vodafone
  2. Select 'Manage your Add-ons'
  3. Review your Add-Ons, then select 'Manage your Add-ons'
  4. Select 'cancel' next to the appropriate Add-On
  5. Confirm cancellation

You can also free TXT 'CANCEL' and the Add-On name (e.g. TXT2000) to 756 and follow the simple instructions we TXT back.

Important things to know about Add-Ons

  • Only one of each type of Add-On can be active at once (for example, you can’t have two TXT Add-Ons at the same time)
  • An Add-On can be changed once per month only
  • If you are changing from another Add-On of that type, you’ll have to wait until the original Add-On expires (your next billing date )
Important things to know