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To understand what’s using your mobile data, we recommend following these 3 simple guidelines.

  • Get the right mobile data plan and Add-Ons
  • Monitor your mobile data usage
  • Control which apps use your mobile data

If you stick to these guidelines, you can make your monthly data allowance last longer and avoid unexpected data charges.


Tips for managing data usage


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What uses my phone's data?

Email usage


Emails tend to be small but attachments can increase their size. Viewing such attachments or downloading them eats into your data.

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Photos and video uploads

Sharing photos via email or uploading them to your social channels uses a lot of data. Sharing video (even a 30 sec clip) can use a large amount of data.

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Social media

If you only check text updates on Twitter or Facebook, your data usage isn’t very high. But if you use apps like Instagram or Snapchat regularly, you could use as much as 20MB per hour.

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Online streaming

Streaming music through Spotify or online radio uses a huge 1MB per minute. Every minute of YouTube used 2MB and HD video uses as much as 4MB per minute.

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If you constantly need online maps, consider switching to a higher data plan. Maps which refresh in real-time consume as much as 1MB a minute.

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App data refresh and updates

Social media apps can drain your data by refreshing content even when you aren’t using the app. App updates can also be as big as 40MB, so be careful not to set your apps to ‘auto-update’ over your mobile data.

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Browsing the web

Text-based sites (news, blogs) have low data usage. But, sites with images (shopping sites, Pinterest) have high data usage. On average, an hour of browsing uses about 20MB.

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Online gaming

Some games only use data for the initial download. But games played online use data every time you play. Data usage for online games range from 10MB and 60MB per hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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