Mobile phone setup

Get using email, the Internet, apps and find out what your mobile can do!

Your mobile device uses settings that define how it connects to our network, if these are incorrect or missing then you won't be able to use some, or all, services.

Get your mobile settings sent by TXT >

  • Type in your phone name i.e. "S6 Edge +"
  • pick the service you want settings for i.e. Internet
  • put in your phone number
  • and we'll send you a TXT with your settings all ready to import!

Use our Mobile Phone Guides below to:

  • Set up your mobile for the first time
  • connect to the Internet or set up email on your phone
  • or simply to explore what your mobile is capable of!

Parallel Imported handsets

Sorry, we don't support phones not bought from us. You can use the Device Guides or online setup tool, above, to set it up yourself, or take it into a Vodafone store where, for a fee, they can help you.


Get a PUK code ›

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If you've locked your mobile's SIM card, you'll need your PUK code.

Mobile services ›

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Try out some of these services to get the most out of your mobile phone.

SIM cards ›

Vodafone SIM card sizes

Find out whether you need a nano-SIM, Micro-SIM or Standard SIM card for your phone.

Configure your mobile ›

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Quickly and easily set-up Internet, PXT and Email on your mobile, iPad or tablet