Vodafone wireless modem

Connect all your devices wirelessly in your home or office with the Vodafone wireless modem

Vodafone HG659 modem


  •  Easy to set up
  •  Built-in parental controls and website filtering
  •  Connect your hard drive and printer for wireless access

Set up your Vodafone modem

Vodafone Wireless Modem

Check out this video for a step-by-step guide to setting up your Vodafone wireless modem for a Standard Broadband account.

Need more help?

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At a glance

Parental controls and website filtering

Parental Controls allow you to restrict a specific computer or device's internet access at certain times of the day, which could be handy for parents! Or additionally, you can restrict access to certain websites all the time.
More info on Parental controls and website filtering

Share a printer or hard drive

Connect a USB printer or hard drive to the Vodafone wireless modem via USB and you can print from any device connected to your WiFi or access the hard drive.
More info on connecting your devices