How to Top Up your Prepay

There are heaps of convenient ways to Top Up your Prepay mobile or mobile broadband account

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Go for an instant Top Up online or sign into My Vodafone and Top Up from there. Facebook fan? You can Top Up on Vodafone's Facebook page while you’re checking in with friends and family.

Or if you're out and about, use your bank's ATM, pop into your local store or Post Shop.

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Did you know? You can Top Up for someone else!

To Top Up someone else's account Sign in to My Vodafone , select "Make a payment or Top Up" from the left-hand menu, then follow the prompts. Please note this will not work for Recharge Vouchers.


Top Up on mobile or online

Top Up Online

Fast Top up online

Top Up online now using your credit or debit card - it's quick, easy and secure.

Using My Vodafone

Simply Sign in to My Vodafone and select "Top Up" – have your credit card or debit card details handy.

Facebook fan?

You can Top Up on Facebook with your credit or debit card while you're checking in with friends and family.

My Vodafone App

Use the My Vodafone app

  • Sign into the My Vodafone app on your mobile
  • Select the Prepay number you want to Top Up
  • Tap on 'Balance', select the amount to Top Up and enter your payment details.

Top Up by TXT

  • Simply TXT 'TMU' and the amount you want to top up, e.g. TMU 30 (for a $30 top up), to 867 and follow the prompts
  • N.B. To do this you will need to have already registered your credit card or Visa debit card in My Vodafone.
Auto Top Up

Auto Top Up

With Auto Top Up, you’ll never run out of credit on your Prepay mobile.

There are three options available, giving you complete control.

More about Auto Top Up


Important things to know

  • You may notice a $1 reserve on your credit card statement. This is not a charge. Find out more about $1 authorisations on a credit card
  • To keep your mobile number active, make sure you Top Up regularly
  • If your prepay balance goes below $5 you'll get a "low balance" TXT to remind you Top Up. You'll get this free TXT no matter where in the world you are. To stop getting these TXTs call 777 from your mobile
  • If you have zero credit you can still call 111, Vodafone customer service on 777, receive calls for 365 days after your last Top Up and use any Add-Ons with allowance still remaining
  • You will need to have at least 1 cent balance to be able to call 0800 or 0508 Free call numbers
  • If you don't Top Up within the applicable expiry period, you will lose any remaining balance. Additionally, your mobile number will be deactivated and recycled for someone else to use. We'll TXT you to remind you if you need to make a Top Up, so you'll have plenty of notice. Credit expiry varies between plans, see your plan's terms & conditions for details.
  • Want to make it even easier to use a credit or debit card to Top Up? Register your card in, payment options and add a new card in the "Manage my credit/debit cards" section. Or call us on 777. Then you wont have to enter your credit card details each time you Top Up or make a payment.
  • Vodafone currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club cards.
  • If you have no money to Top Up right away, just freeTXT IOU to 468 and we'll instantly give you a $5 credit, which you repay next time you Top Up plus a 50c fee.
  • You must be registered for My Account online to use the My Account iPhone or Android app or on your mobile.
  • Vodafone is PCI compliant which means we're able to process, store or transmit credit card information in a secure environment without having to keep your credit card details stored in our system. This is standard banking practice, and complies with the Global Credit Card standard


Important things to know 

Other ways to Top Up your Prepay

Finger using ATM keypad to enter pin number

If you're with ASB Bank, Bank of New Zealand or Westpac, you can Top Up at their ATMs.

From the main menu select "Other" or "Other Services" and follow the Vodafone Prepay instructions. You'll be asked to enter your Vodafone Prepay mobile number, how much you'd like to Top Up and from which account

We'll TXT you to confirm your Top Up and let you know your new balance.

Customer service representative with headset

Call us

Call 777 from your Vodafone mobile: Follow the prompts to Top Up using your Visa, Visa Debit Card or Mastercard.

Westpac Phone Banking

If you’re registered with Westpac phone banking you can Top Up by calling the Westpac Telephone Banking service and following the prompts.

Post Box

Pop into a shop

Lots of stores around New Zealand have Vodafone eklick EFTPOS terminals where you can Top Up with cash, credit card or EFTPOS. They'll usually have eklick EFTPOS signage to help make them easy to find. We'll TXT you to confirm your Top Up and let you know your new balance.

Use NZ Post

Top Up your Prepay at any NZ Post outlet (a Post Shop or Books & More store) with cash or EFTPOS

Just look for the Vodafone sign at any NZ service station, dairy or supermarket, buy a recharge voucher and follow the instructions on the back of the voucher to Top Up. We also sell recharge vouchers at our Vodafone stores. Recharge vouchers are also a great way to Top Up someone else's Prepay account.

Note: Recharge vouchers cannot be used through My Vodafone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most common questions and answers about topping up your Prepay.