Get your bills via email

Get a PDF version of your bill sent straight to your email inbox each month. You’ll get your bills quickly, be able to easily file them online and save a few trees at the same time.

To switch to email billing

  • Sign in to My Vodafone
  • Select 'How your bill is sent'
  • Choose 'by email' and enter your email address.

If you have multiple Vodafone accounts you will need to switch each one.  You can also choose the option to get a monthly TXT message to let you know your bill’s arrived.

Not registered with My Vodafone?

You really should – it makes everything easier and only takes a minute. Then you can quickly and easily, check your call, TXT and data usage, check your current bill, up to 13 months of previous bills, track the average amount of your bill over a 13-months and heaps more, online, or from your smartphone anytime you like.

Register for My Vodafone

If you want your Vodafone bill to be emailed to more than one email address you need to set up a rule so that when the contact email address gets the bill, it automatically sends it to another email address/es. To find out how to do this, go to the help section in your email clientservice provider, e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Express, etc.

You can easily change the way you receive your bill; via email, by post or both, in My Vodafone

If your email bill doesn’t arrive you will need to check that your email address is correct. Sign into My Vodafone and click 'manage bill notification'. From there you can correct your notification email address and save the changes. It might pay to check your junkmail folder just in case it has ended up there. If this has happened we suggest you add Vodafone to your safe sender list.

Important things to know 
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Ways to pay your bill

There are heaps of convenient ways to pay your Vodafone bill, making life a bit easier and paying your bill on time as hassle free as possible.