Crystal clear calling with HD Voice

If you want the best call quality on your mobile you need HD Voice

HD Voice. It's 2014!

What is HD Voice?

HD Voice gives you crystal clear high definition voice calling without background noise. It’s like talking to someone in the same room, even if the Vodafone Warriors have just scored. HD Voice is also known as Wideband audio.


  •  Speak quietly and still be heard
  •  Less background noise and feedback makes calls on speakerphone that much better
  •  Talk 'hands free' while you're busy doing other things
Meeting with video call conference

Clarity for business

HD Voice is gold when it comes to conference calls. There’s less chance of any misunderstanding and a lot less repeating yourself.
Using the speakerphone is greatly improved with clearer, richer tones. And individual voices really stand out, making it easier for you to know who is saying what.
HD Voice allows information to be communicated more accurately the first time around, making it practically essential if you're in the business of emergency services, medical, legal or financial industries.
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How do I get HD Voice?

If you have one of the smartphones listed below and you're a Vodafone customer, you don’t have to do anything - HD Voice is already enabled on your mobile.