Free2TXT lets you send up to 20 free TXTs a day to any Vodafone mobile from our website

We created Vodafone Free2TXT so you can stay in touch for no cost. In return, we sometimes add a short marketing message. With Free2TXT you can send up to 20 free TXTs a day, with a limit of 200 a month.


How to use Free2TXT

To start using Free2TXT:

  1. Sign in to My Vodafone
  2. At the bottom of the page under ‘Useful applications’ click Free2TXT
  3. Enter the Vodafone number you want to TXT and your message
  4. Click 'Send your TXT'

  • Free2TXT only works for TXTs to Vodafone mobiles
  • To find out if the person you want to TXT is on the Vodafone network, TXT their number (for free) to 300
  • With Free2TXT your TXT may include a promotional message, so make sure the person you're TXTing is OK to receive marketing messages
  • You can send up to 20 free TXTs a day, with a limit of up to 200 free TXTs a month
  • The maximum number of characters is 100
  • To send a message to a mobile on another network, or if you would like an address book, try either web2TXT or multiTXT instead
  • You can use Free2TXT from any internet connection, in New Zealand or overseas
  • Barred connections can still use Free2TXT
Important things to know