Caring for people and the environment

We take our responsibilities to the environment and the health and safety of our customers seriously


Doing our bit for the environment

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and reducing as much of our waste as possible

Network waste ›

network waste

We have an on-going commitment to reuse or recycle more than 95% of the waste from our network operations.

Office waste ›

Office waste bin

We operate internal recycling systems for paper, glass, plastics, metals, cardboard, toner, CDs, DVDs, mobile handsets and batteries.

Carbon footprint ›

Carbon footprint

We recognise the importance of measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. We’ve been keeping track and reporting on this since 2005.


Helping you do your bit

We’re here to help you do your thing better and that includes doing the green thing

Trade-in your mobile ›

Trade in your old mobile

Don't stuff your old mobile into a drawer - trade it in for a new one. It's a great way to do the green thing because all traded-in mobiles are recycled.

Mobile recycling ›

Mobile recycling

We're part of a government accredited scheme, RE:MOBILE, which accepts any make and model of mobile phone regardless of condition as well as accessories like batteries and chargers.


Being a responsible organisation

We have a responsibility to you and the world we operate in

Mobiles, masts & health ›

Mobile masts health

We know some of our customers are concerned about the possible health effects of mobile technology and phone masts. We’re committed to addressing these concerns. We’ve got lots of information and independent research on mobile phones and health.

Corporate responsibility ›


We’re helping you do your thing better – and this also means helping the communities we operate in, our staff and the world we live in. Every year we publish a Corporate Responsibility Report, accounting for our environmental, social and economic impacts.



We've got tools, information and solutions to keep you and your family protected online and on-mobile

Blacklist ›

Unhappy lady looking at her mobile

Blacklist is a free service available to all Vodafone customers that makes it easy to block unwanted TXT and PXT messages. You simply create a list of mobile numbers you want to block.

The Parenting Place ›

The Parenting Place logo

We’ve got together with The Parenting Place because of our shared passion for positive connections.  We want to support our customers on their journey - both parents and young people - by equipping them with the knowledge they need to use technology in a safe and positive way.