Transform your business

Working with Vodafone to build a communications strategy can help you to become more efficient, productive and customer focused, and transform into a truly real time business

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Transformation through mobility

Moving to a more mobile business can save you space, free up resources and transform the way you engage with your customers. We can help you embrace mobility and have the expertise, support, smart devices and secure apps to get your organisation working more efficiently than ever.


  •  Transform the way you deliver service to customers and staff
  •  Free your organisation from fixed communications and reduce your property footprint
  •  Be more productive in the field without having to return to the office
  •  Deploy secure apps that can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs
  •  An experienced partner to manage mobile deployment and the ongoing support processes
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Revolutionise your contact centre

Give your contact centre staff more freedom and you’ll have happier customers and increased productivity. We offer bespoke end-to-end contact centre solutions specifically for enterprise with flexible investment and deployment options, including smart systems that recognise customer voices.


  •  Virtualise your contact centre and allow agents to work anywhere securely
  •  Reduce the cost of routine enquiries through automated speech and interactive voice recognition solutions
  •  Improve your productivity and reduce costs through workforce management solutions
  •  Field voice, email, web and social media communications simultaneously with multi channel routing
  •  Improve customer service with real-time reporting and call recording
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Superior data and network protection

Vodafone now supplies a comprehensive suite of cloud-based security to products to help ensure that your network and data are never compromised. You'll get secure web browsing and email, web servers and e-commerce. We can also protect your organisation's desktops and servers from malware and virus threats.


  •  24/7 monitored security and support
  •  Email filtering and encryption
  •  Secure remote access for staff on the move
  •  Protection from high-level hacking
  •  Inbound web access protection
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Connect to customers and partners

Share the same experience and tools, whether employees are working from home, the office, or a hotel room on the other side of the world. Your people, customers and partners can collaborate with a high quality video conferencing solution that allows communication across a myriad of platforms.


  •  Fully-managed solution
  •  Reduce travel costs and downtime
  •  Increase productivity
  •  Respond quickly to business challenges and opportunities
  •  Secure way to communicate
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Cloud solutions for better business

Downsize your hardware and give your organisation the competitive advantage with our private, secure cloud solutions. As more and more staff work remotely, moving your back end servers to our cloud lets you control your spending and scale your capacity on demand. By freeing up valuable resources, you can also improve your organisation’s ability to respond to market pressures and customer demands.


  •  Reduces your capital outlay for computer power
  •  Lowers your variable costs dramatically
  •  Secure and easy to scale your capacity on demand
  •  Allows rapid business agility and flexibility
  •  Solves your disaster recovery problems
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Optimise your fixed line communications

With landline products that are IP-based, your organisation can be more responsive and attuned to the demands of the always-on world.

Vodafone's cornerstone products create advanced function across your voice network and mobility within your offices. They're also fine-tuned to provide exceptional value for money.

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Using mobility to transform the cost of government

The Beehive and Parliament Building, Wellington

We've been working with central government on a framework that delivers great value to all government agencies, irrespective of size.

The framework allows you to break free from traditional fixed communications and utilise mobility to reduce costs, improve service and work more efficiently.

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