Let customers call you toll free

Open the door to better customer service with a Vodafone TollFree or 0800 number

No matter where a customer is calling from, a Vodafone TollFree number or word number ensures the call is directed to the most appropriate answer point. And it won’t cost your customer a thing. 

We have free-calling solutions for every kind of business.


  •  Remove toll barriers to customer contact
  •  Calls can be routed to the most appropriate answer point
  •  Keep your existing number or word number, if you have one
  •  Can be extended to include international calls

We have two products to choose from:


Give your business the TollFree advantage. Vodafone TollFree helps to generate national and overseas sales, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty. Questions can be answered immediately, helping your customers reach the decision to buy sooner.

How does it work?

Our automated service allows you to instantly change the termination point for your toll-free number, or switch between your call plans - great for urgent changes or disaster recovery.

  • Intelligent geographic routing keeps calls inside a local calling region
  • Centralised call centre services provide nationwide reach.
  • Inbound TollFree numbers means your overseas customers contact you as easily as your local customers.
  • Outbound TollFree numbers means you can terminate your TollFree number overseas and make the most of international time differences, so you're always open for business.

What it costs

Vodafone TollFree's flexible pricing plans can be customised to suit your calling profile with flat rate, regional plans and more

TollFree Numbers Monthly fee
National $35 minimum usage fee
International $35 recurring charge

TollFree Terms and Conditions apply

Note: All pricing is per TollFree Number. A 21.33c per minute surcharge will apply to all TollFree calls made from payphones operated by Telecom New Zealand Limited.

Feature Set up Monthly charge Change
Confidential PIN Free Free Free
Access Codes Free Free Free
Overflow on Busy/No Answer Free Free Free
TollFree Notification (Beep) Free Free Free
Follow Me (via DTMF*) Free $5 Free
Call Plan Switching (via DTMF*) Free $10 Free
Menu Routing Free $35 $70
Geographic Routing - Basic Free $5 $35
Geographic Routing - Complex Free $35 $70
Geographic Routing - Customised Free $35 $70
Time Dependent Routing - Basic Free Free Free
Time Dependent Routing - Complex Free $35 $70
Time Dependent Routing - Customised Free $35 $70
Breakout Dialling - National Free $5 Free
Breakout Dialling - International Free $20 Free
Percentage Call Distribution Free $5 $35
Call Screening Free $5 $35
Originating Number Routing Free $35 $35
Extension Routing Free $35 $70
Number Lookup & Translation Free $35 $70
Pre-Announcement Free $35  


* Completed through an automated prompt service on the telephone, using DTMF (DualToneMultiFrequency)


An 0800 number or word number for your business landline or mobile means your customers, family and friends can call you for free. You’ll get heaps more calls – and with our free2Call pricing, it will be costing you less than you think.

How does it work?

If you're On Account, you can choose any six digit 0800 number not already in use. When you answer a call on your Vodafone 0800 number, you’ll hear a special dial tone so you know which calls you're paying for.

How much does it cost?

Whether you get the odd call, or heaps of calls every day, you’ll get  great value with a free2Call plan.


Plan name Setup Monthly fee Included 0800 minutes Additional minutes
free2Call Casual $13.33 $0 0 $0.39c per minute
free2Call 75 $0 $19.50 75 $0.30c per minute
free2Call 250 $0 $45 250 $0.20c per minute
free2Call 1000 $0 $100 1,000 $0.15c per minute
  • All prices exclude GST

free2Call Advanced and Premium

For larger customers with 5+ business landlines we offer an additional range of services:

  • Time of day routing
  • Call Screening
  • Call Hunting
  • Geographic Routing
  • Time Dependent Routing
  • Full account analysis and reporting
  • Pricing for Advanced and Premium free2Call depends on your business

For more information please contact your Account Manager or visit us instore.


  • For each free2Call plan chargeable minutes are billed at one flat rate for calls from New Zealand numbers.
  • Calls from international numbers are charged at  international rates .
  • Free2Call minutes are separate from any minutes included in your mobile calling plan.
  • If you're overseas when someone calls your free2Call number, roaming charges will apply.
  • You can call us on 888 to temporarily suspend your free2Call service.
Important things to know 

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