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Vodafone’s IT specialists have been looking after data centre facilities for more than a decade, including the centres owned by some of New Zealand’s leading enterprises and government departments.


  •  Uptime is maximised with built-in redundancy for all services, access and systems
  •  Provide staff with secure remote access to your network
  •  Reduce the need for internal IT specialists
  •  Preserve office floor space through co-location

How we can support you

Start off by talking to our data centre experts. Tell them what you have now, and what your best-case-scenario would be. There are a couple of ways we can assume responsibility for your data centre:

  • We can improve your current on-site data centre by taking over management and support of your hardware, operating systems and server applications. Our specialists are fully-conversant with UNIX, WINTEL, LINUX and VM Ware.
  • If you’d rather reduce IT infrastructure, save floor space and increase security, you can have a data centre at an off-site location. We’ll look after every aspect of its operation and maintenance, to maximise uptime and support your productivity. Our co-location facilities offer high-security, fire detection and extinguishing devices, filtered power, backup power generators and other features to ensure security and high-availability.
  • We can also provide operational support for back office infrastructure, including the hardware, operating systems, server applications and software.


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