Fixed broadband for business

Fast, reliable internet connectivity is vital to your business performance. Whatever your business size or data requirements, find the fixed broadband plan that’s just right for you

Ultra Fast Broadband ›

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Ultra Fast Broadband gives you ultra fast speeds and largest data packs, so you can do business better.

Business Broadband ›

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Our biggest ever business broadband package is now available on VDSL or UFB.



Business Internet Access ›

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Behind every successful business is a strong backbone of internet connectivity. Choose Vodafone as your fixed broadband partner and you’ll benefit from speeds of up to 1Gb per second and a cost-effective data plan that suits your internet traffic needs.

Vodafone Secure Internet ›


Vodafone Secure Internet (VSI) is a managed, cloud based firewall that lets you access confidential business information. You and your team will be protected from threats like viruses and spyware, and for VSI Flex and Premium, even when you’re working remotely on public WiFi.

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