Work smarter with a Wireless LAN

Web connectivity without limits

A wireless LAN uses a radio frequency to provide access to your computer network and the internet.

No cables or jack points are required, which saves money, makes office spaces more versatile and gets your premises up and running faster.

How it works

  • WLAN access points are installed at your premises; each covers about 40m2 of floor area
  • Any wireless-enabled digital device can connect to your wireless LAN by entering the correct password, so your people can bring their own devices
  • The network is protected by encryption, so only you can decide who uses your network

We make it easy

Our wireless experts will analyse your requirements - current and future to develop a tailor-made solution that delivers exactly what you need for a price you can afford.

Business benefits

  • Quick and cost-effective to set up, compared to wired alternative
  • Lets your employees and customers use their own devices anywhere within your premises
  • Network can be easily expanded by adding extra access points
  • Encryption ensures network security
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