Managed security

Is your security the best it could be? Our cloud-based network and data security solutions will get you right up to date – always

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Vodafone now supplies a comprehensive suite of cloud-based security to products to help ensure that your network and data are never compromised. You'll get secure web browsing and email, web servers and e-commerce. We can also protect your organisation's desktops and servers from malware and virus threats.


Products and solutions

DMZBoundary ›

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With Vodafone DMZBoundary, you get reliably-secure connectivity between your IT network and the networks of your business partners and clients.

DMZInternet ›

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Clean business internet access without virus threats, hackers, spam and scams - that's what you get with Vodafone's trusted DMZInternet service.

DMZMessaging ›

Managed security DMZ Messaging

Get only the legitimate emails, without the spam, scams, viruses, phishing and worms. Vodafone's DMZMessaging effectively filters your business email before it's delivered.


DMZEndPoint ›

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Gone are the days of virus protection that lives on your server or desktop. Vodafone's DMZEndPoint provides best-practice protection from viruses, worms and other web threats.

DMZRemote ›

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Vodafone's industry-leading remote access solutions provide both the flexibility and security you need for enterprise-grade remote access.


DMZScreen ›

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Vodafone DMZScreen protects your web presence by providing a secure presentation layer. Only trusted and legitimate traffic is transferred to and from your network.

DMZTransfer ›

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Through Vodafone you can use DMZTransfer, a service that uses HTTP/s and 128-bit SSL encryption to keep your files secure. It’s a managed and secure alternative to sending files by FTP and email.