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Choose between VDSL, ADSL, or Ultra Fast Cable or Fibre

Standard Broadband  ›


Fast internet over your copper phone line, which is great for everyday use such as browsing and email

  •  Our lowest price plans for fast internet
  •  Want to go faster? Get a free speed upgrade to VDSL for a year. Offer available for a limited time

VDSL Broadband ›


Like ADSL, this uses your copper phone line but gives you more speed. Straightforward to install, gives better performance for video streaming or online gaming.

  •  Get a free speed upgrade for a year. Offer available for a limited time on a 12 month term
  •  Up to x3 faster speeds than standard broadband
  •  More people can be online at the same time without slowing your connection speed.
  •  Free modem (normally $149) and standard broadband connection offer, if you’re new to Vodafone and sign up to an eligible plan for 12 months

Ultra Fast Broadband  ›


A huge jump in performance, Fibre is available at multiple speeds, all of them fast. Perfect if you have some big internet users at home. Takes a bit more work to install but it’s worth it.

  •  Get the next generation of broadband to your place delivered over the Ultra Fast Broadband fibre network
  •  The fastest and best way to connect to the internet
  •  Up to 200Mbps download with our fibre plans
  •  Up to 100Mbps download with our cable plans
  •  Installation is free

Don't own a home phone?

No problem, get Broadband without paying for a landline service

Naked Broadand


  • $10 off for mobile On Account customers
  • Free MY SKY HDi every month
  • Free Broadband connection
  • Free wireless modem

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What can I get?

Depending on where you live, you may be entitled to faster more reliable broadband

Naked Broadband

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