Installing Rural Wireless Broadband

Your Rural Wireless Broadband antenna, cabling and 3G wireless modem will be installed by a professional Vodafone technician, usually within 10 working days of signing up

We'll let you know the day and time the technician will arrive. We'll call you 24 hours before to check whether you're available and discuss the installation.


Before installing Rural Wireless Broadband the technician will check the broadband coverage and tell you whether additional work or cabling is needed and how much it will cost.


If the technician finds that Rural Wireless Broadband doesn't work correctly at your address or you're not happy with the additional costs, the installation won't proceed and no charges will apply.

There could be further charges for installation if additional travel time, visits or wiring is required.


Charge inc. GST

This will apply if:

Additional travel $75 If the technician's travel distance exceeds 100km each way from the installation technician’s base
Additional wiring $99 You want the building’s jack points (up to 3) rewired to the 3G wireless modem.
If you’re out when we visit $150 You are not there when the technician arrives at the agreed time.
No fault found $249 You call to report a fault after installation and the technician finds no fault with the Vodafone service - you will be charged for the visit.


Additional charges that may apply 

Installation details

Your Rural Wireless Broadband installation includes:

  • Installation of a directional antenna. The antenna is normally installed on the roof facing the nearest Vodafone cell site
  • Cabling from the antenna to the 3G wireless modem
  • Connection of your main computer to the modem and confirmation that broadband is working
  • Transfer of one landline number to the Vodafone wireless service if you selected Rural Wireless Broadband & Calling

Please note you are responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals and consents for:

  • The installation of the Rural Wireless Broadband antenna, cable and equipment at your premises
  • Any alterations to your premises needed to install the equipment. (For example, drilling of holes to attach the antenna for antenna attachments and cables)
  • Allowing our technicians access to your premises

Standard installation

Standard installation can be carried out if you home is easily accessible, single story, made from brick or wood, the modem can be placed next to an exterior wall and less than 10 metres of cabling is needed.

Price: $99 (incl GST) standard installation on a 24 month term

Premium installation

Premium installation may be required if

  • Your home is built from concrete, steel or glass
  • Your home has 2 or more stories
  • The house or roof is difficult to access, or has a pitch of more than 15 degrees
  • Scaffolding or elevated platform work is required to complete the installation
  • The modem can't be placed next to an internal wall, or requires more than 10 meters of cabling
  • Cabling needs to be installed behind interior walls
  • The house shape makes it difficult to install the antenna
  • The modem needs to be located in an area that is not easily accessible from outside

Price: $199 (incl GST) premium installation on a 24 month term


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