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  •  Move your broadband service
  •  Move your home phone service
  •  Move your SKY or Vodafone TV service

Here's how it works

When to let us know

When to let us know

Complete the form below or call us 10 working days* before you move.

We will contact you

We will contact you

We will call you back within the next 48 hours to confirm the details.

We take care of everything

When it’s all booked in we’ll let you know

When the connection date has been confirmed, we’ll let you know by text.

* You can tell us up to 4 weeks before you move if you like.

  • If you are on one of our retired plans you’ll need to switch to one of our current fixed broadband plans.
  • If you are on a 24-month Naked Broadband or home phone and broadband plan (and still have 12 months remaining in term), you will need to re-sign onto another 24 months contract.
  • If you're moving to an area that doesn't have fixed broadband, you may be able to use our  Home Wireless Broadband or  Rural Wireless Broadband services instead.
  • Fixed Line and Broadband Terms and Conditions apply.
Important things to know 

Move your broadband / home phone / TV services

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Your questions answered

Can I keep my phone number?
Yes if you are staying within the same suburb.  If you are switching to Fibre or Cable broadband you can usually keep the same phone number if you are moving within the same city. 

How much notice do you need?
Ideally, give us at least 10 working days notice. Even with plenty of notice, sometimes we are unable to connect your property on your desired day. Usually this is because the previous occupiers haven’t disconnected their service yet. If this happens our dedicated team will be there to support you and help get your service up and running as quickly as possible.

How fast will my broadband be?
A number of things can influence the speed of your broadband including how far your property is from the exchange, the wiring within your home and your hardware eg modem or laptop.  Find out what kind of broadband is available at your address by using our address checker for Fibre.

Do I take my Vodafone modem with me?
Yes, remember to take any cables with you too.

Do I need to be there when you connect the service at my new home?
There are times when you will need to be on site in order for us to complete your connection:

  • Where a full installation is required eg if you have 5 or more jack points to be connected within the home or you have a monitored alarm (medical or house alarm)
  • When you are connecting to Fibre and it is the first time fibre has been connected at that property
  • When you are moving to a property with cable broadband.

We’ll let you know in advance if you need to be onsite.

I have SKY with Vodafone, do I need to call SKY about my move or will you take care of it?
Yes.  If your new house has a SKY dish, simply take your SKY box, remote and cables with you. If a SKY dish needs to be installed, there may be a fee of $49.50.

Got another question? Have a read of our  Moving Home FAQs

You'll need to ask the developer if services have been run from the street to the outside of your house.  If the answer is yes, that's great you can call us and we'll order a technician to come out and connect this to your internal wiring. 

If the answer is no, then you’ll want to do two things:

  1. Use our address checker to  find out what kind of broadband is available at your new home.
  2. Order the service you want:
    - If fibre is available you’ll need to contact the network provider (aka local fibre company or LFC) to find out what to do next.
    Find out who your Local Fibre Company is.
    - If cable broadband is available, call Vodafone on 0508 888 800 to arrange a site visit.
    - If you are connecting ADSL (standard broadband) or VDSL (faster standard broadband) then you’ll need to contact Chorus. More detail is available on

Fibre broadband is in high demand and there are a number of factors that determine how quickly we can connect your order. Although fibre may run down your street and past your new home, it may not yet be connected from the street to your home.

Installing fibre is a 3-step process and strong demand for fibre means technicians are booked up well in advance.

If fibre is not connected to your home, we recommend you connect to standard broadband when you move and place an order for a fibre connection. Fibre orders are completed on a first-come, first-served basis so this will secure your place in the queue and will mean you won’t be without broadband if there is a delay in completing your fibre order due to high demand.

If fibre has already been connected to your new home we’ll place a fibre order for you.

Want to know more about connecting to fibre and what is involved? Visit