Fast Broadband - ADSL

ADSL broadband is the most common broadband found in Kiwi homes. It's fast, reliable, available in most places and can be bundled with a home phone or on its own (Naked).


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The plans displayed are for new customers all on a 12 month term. Simply select the data, speed, home phone and TV options you want and the monthly price estimate is calculated for you. Not all services are available everywhere


On Account mobile customer**

Important information

  • You need to be at home for the technician to install your service, which will take 1 - 2 hours. Your VDSL connection will be activated within 2 hours from installation. The VDSL modem (which is posted to you) needs to be on hand ready for the installation.
  • You need to use the Vodafone VDSL modem that we provide as it is optimised for the Vodafone network and supported by our service teams. A standard ADSL modem will not work for VDSL.
  • While our equipment optimises your broadband performance you are likely to experience up to 10 days of inconsistent speeds and connectivity. During this time avoid turning off or rebooting your modem as it will interrupt the optimisation process and prevent you from getting the best speed possible after the first 10 days.




Modem postage and handling fee of $14.95 applies.
**$10 discount per month applies when it is linked to an eligible Vodafone On Account mobile calling plan, which you or an employer pays for.
^Unlimited broadband data for residential purposes only. Traffic management policy and terms apply.
^^ Depends on where you live. Actual speed will vary due to, for example, your line and wiring, distance from exchange, your equipment, time of day and current internet use on the network.
Depending on the location of your home, some services may not be available.
Exit fees may apply. Please ensure you read the 'Things to know/Offer Summaries' below.

Important things to know

Terms and conditions


  • We cannot guarantee the availability of broadband services to you until the services are connected
  • Your broadband speed will vary depending on a number of factors including NZ and overseas networks, your modem and computer technology including wifi capability, internal home wiring, other environmental factors, and how many other people are using it at the time
  • Uploads and downloads count towards your monthly allowance
  • Broadband is not available everywhere, and only particular types of broadband services may be available in some areas
  • Services that require a fixed phone line to work, such as monitored alarms, faxes, medical alerts, the interactive features of SKY digital or PABXs are incompatible with Naked broadband
  • Non-standard connection fees may apply
  • UFB over Fibre:
     - You must also agree to Your Local Fibre Company’s (LFC’s) End User Terms
     - If you do not own the premises where services will be installed, you must obtain the property owner’s written consent to all works being undertaken at the property prior to installation and provide that to us if requested
     - Please see the Broadband installation tab in the Additional Information section for further details on UFB and the LFC’s End User Terms


  • Connection fees may apply

Vodafone TV

  • Vodafone TV is not available everywhere
  • Free use of Vodafone TV Recorder on eligible plans. The Vodafone TV Recorder remains the property of Vodafone
  • To access high definition content you will need a high definition capable TV, have Freeview|HD, or have subscribed to SKY Basic and the SKY channels that include HD content
  • TV One, TV2, TV3 in HD come standard on the Vodafone TV Digital Recorder. The SKY TV HD ticket is included - normally $9.99 per month (per household)


  • To access high definition content you will need a high definition capable TV,  have subscribed to SKY channels that include HD content, and have a HD Ticket - $9.99 per month (per household). Non-standard connection fees may apply

Offer summaries

Things to know/Offer Summaries