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SKY with Vodafone

Available with standard ADSL broadband. Add SKY to your broadband bill to get:

  • Access to the same services and the same standard retail prices
  • One bill for SKY and broadband
  • Free MY SKY HDi every month (on selected broadband plans)

Simply add this service when you sign up to broadband, or existing customers can add this service by signing into My Vodafone

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Additional information

What's included

Data allowance

  • 40GB per month, or
  • 80GB per month, or
  • Unlimited data

BestMates for home phone

Get BestMates for home phone for an additional $6 per month. Included in the unlimited broadband data and home phone plan for $0.


Home phone line

Includes local calls and per minute rates to international and national destinations. Broadband packs powered by ADSL are not available in some areas of Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch. Customers in these areas can buy our InHome high speed cable broadband bundles instead.

Free modem and connection offer:

To get this offer choose the ’12 month term sign up offer’ option in the promotions option when you sign up.

TV discounts

Add SKY to your Vodafone bill when you sign up to 80GB and unlimited broadband data packs and get great SKY with Vodafone discounts:

Free MY SKY HDi with 80GB and unlimited broadband data plans (normally $15 a month. Alternatively get MY SKY+ with these plans for $5* a month, normally $20 a month, giving you four times the capacity of MY SKY HDi depending on the type of content you record).

Note: Free MY SKY HDi not included on Vodafone Unlimited Broadband data and Home Phone plans with NEON.

To sign up, you'll need:

  • Your NZ driver's licence
  • Your account details if moving from another provider
  • Your SKY account details if moving SKY services to Vodafone

Add to your plan

Talk plans

Add Talk plans for an unlimited number of calls to selected destinations for a set monthly cost.

BestMates for home phone

Get BestMates for home phone for an additional $6 per month. Included in the Unlimited Broadband data and home phone plan for $0.

Phone Features

Add phone features like Voicemail, Caller Display or Call waiting for a small additional monthly cost.

Wiring and Maintenance Insurance

Pay just $3.95 per month to insure your broadband fixed line wiring against general wear and tear.

Wiring and Maintenance is an insurance maintenance service. If there’s general wear and tear of internal wiring or sockets that cause a fault, this monthly insurance will cover those repair costs. If you do not have Wiring and Maintenance Insurance then you will be responsible for all the costs involved with repairing a internal wiring or socket related fault including call out fee, diagnostics, labour and materials.

If the fault is caused by any other reasons, like moving or adding or changing sockets or if it is a result of home equipment such as telephone handset, DSL filters, patch cords or broadband modems, then this will not be covered. Please note you must have Wiring and Maintenance Insurance for 30 days before a wiring and maintenance fault is covered. Each line going into a home requires its own Wiring and Maintenance Insurance. 

PC Protection

PC Protection (powered by F-Secure) will protect your computer against viruses, spam and other malware for $5 per month for a 1 user licence or $10 per month for a 3 user licence. Plus get your first 3 months FREE when you sign up.

Getting set up

Modem and connection offer:

To get this offer choose the’12 month term sign up offer’ option in the promotions option when you sign up.

Broadband hardware

The Vodafone Station has been designed to provide a great experience with Vodafone's Broadband and Fibre plans. In ensuring this, a number of VoIP features have been configured to optimally run on the Vodafone Network and as a result the Vodafone Station will not work with other voice over IP services.

Broadband connection fees

You’ll pay either a $101.20 connection only fee or a $253.52 connection & wiring fee depending on your setup requirements. Find out more about Broadband connection fees

Phone connection fee

A phone connection fee (normally $52.10) will apply if the line you’re connecting isn’t currently active or needs a new connection. Find out more about phone connection fees

Additional charges


  • If you choose not to sign up to a 12 month term modem and installation charges will apply.
  • Your data allowance: When you reach the end of your plan’s data allowance, you will be charged the excess rate of $2 per gigabyte, or part thereof. Subject to change during the fixed term of your contract.

Home phone and calling

  • There is a minimum charge of one minute for all fixed line calls. After that your call will be rounded up and charged by the minute
  • Calls to national landlines are $0.26 per minute, capped at $2.50 for up to two hours
  • Calls to national mobiles are $0.36 per minute
  • If you enter 059 or 0161 before making a call from your Vodafone home phone these will be charged at Telecom’s retail rates
  • Calls to 0900, directory assistance, audio conferencing, plus calls to destinations not included in your calling plan will be charged at the per minute rates of your calling plan
  • If you dial an area code before a local call, those calls will then be charged at national call rates

Check out the full list of calling rates for all destinations

BestMates for home phone

  • Calls to a nominated BestMates for home phone number can last up to 2 hours each call
  • Calls over 2 hours will be charged at $0.26 per minute for NZ landlines or $0.36 per minute for NZ mobiles
  • BestMates for home phone is an additional $6 per month. Included in the Unlimited Broadband data and home phone plan for $0.