Block TXTs and PXTs from any NZ mobile number for free

Blacklist Mobile UI

Blacklist is a free service available to all Vodafone customers that makes it easy to block unwanted TXT and PXT messages. You simply create a list of NZ mobile numbers you want to block. If you ever receive threatening TXTs or highly offensive PXTs, we recommend you also contact the police.

To use Blacklist, log into My Vodafone , click Blacklist and enter the phone number you want to block. Or you can use the TXT commands found here .


  •  Block TXTs and PXTs from any NZ mobile number for free
  •  A free service for all Vodafone customers
  •  Stop TXT bullying and offensive PXTs
  •  Keep your mobile for the good stuff
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Set up Blacklist

To set up Blacklist simply follow the instructions below.

TXT Blacklist Add (mobile number) to 713



Manage your Blacklist

Blacklist Mobile UI

Manage your Blacklist on your mobile or PC

  1. Sign into Register for My Vodafone
  2. Click Blacklist
  3. Enter the mobile numbers you want to block
Blacklist Closeup UI

Manage your Blacklist by TXT

Simply FreeTXT the following commands to 713:

Add a number to Blacklist
BLACKLIST ADD (mobile number)

View your Blacklist

Remove a number
BLACKLIST REMOVE (mobile number)

Remove all numbers

Turn Blacklist off

Blacklist Help


  • Blacklist is only able to block incoming TXT and PXT messages. It is not able to block incoming messages on iMessage for iPhone or iPad or any other instant messaging services using data rather than SMS
  • You can add up to 20 mobile numbers to your Blacklist
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