Big Back Yard

Terms and Conditions

Customers must be located in a Big Back Yard area in order to receive it. See the detailed information on the  available Big Back Yard areas .

  • InHome customers in Christchurch must subscribe to the Big Back Yard offer to receive it. A 12 month term applies (with a $99 charge for early termination) to these customers.
  • Excludes three party, phone divert, operator assisted and Card calls, Ztalk0505 calls, calls to and from mobile phones and calls to special numbers (e.g. 018, 0900).
  • Big Back Yard only applies to residential customers. The Big Back Yard phone book areas are as defined by the White Pages®, 2007.
  • A three hour calling cap applies to each call. It is the customer's responsibility to manage the three hour calling cap. Calls in excess of the three hour per call cap will be charged on a per minute basis thereafter in accordance with the customer's calling plan.
  • All calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.