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Our 4G network is fast

4G is the 4th generation of mobile technology. This is the network the best mobile phones were made for. So say hello to things like:

  • Streaming HD video
  • Gaming in real time, not delayed time
  • Download an album in the time it used to take for a single track
  • Instantly open large attachments and files

Now you can do everything a whole lot better on your 4G smartphone or tablet.

Need more convincing? Watch James explain 'What is 4G?'

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Life at the speed of 4G

Parts of our 4G network enable a really fast 4G service. It is capable of delivering download speeds up to 200Mbps and in some 4G areas up to 150Mbps download. That means our Fastest 4G is 50% faster than our standard 4G!

You can experience our Fastest 4G network on a selection of devices and mobile plans, choose from our recommended picks below.

These smartphones are capable of downloading data up to 50% faster than other 4G smartphones in a Fastest 4G coverage area. That’s super fast! Remember 4G is already 10 x faster than standard 3G.


Go 4G with these 4G devices and plans

To get 4G you'll need a 4G capable device and plan. FREE 4G now available on $19 and $29 Prepay

4G not available everywhere and capable device required. Unlimited TXTs are to standard NZ and OZ mobiles and are for personal use only. Included minutes are to standard landline and mobile numbers in NZ and Oz. TXTs and minutes exclude any premium or special numbers. Vodafone Free weekends gives you unlimited calling to Vodafone NZ mobiles between 7pm Friday and 7am Monday. Vodafone Free weekends available promotionally on the Prepay $19 and $29 Plans until 31 July 2014. Prepay $19 and $29 last 30 days and auto renews provided you have credit, or will auto renew when you next top up. Prepay $19 and $29 Terms and Conditions apply


Will I see anything different on my Smartphone?

No – you will see LTE or 4G on the screen. When you move into a Fastest 4G coverage area there will be no change on screen (unlike moving from 3G to 4G coverage)

Quick guide to 4G



Fastest 4G

Industry name



Smartphone spec

CAT3 (e.g. iPhone5, Lumia 635)

CAT4 (e.g. GALAXY Note 3, iPhone 6)


All eligible 4G plans or paid add-on

Prepay $19 and $29 plan

All eligible 4G plans or paid add-on

Prepay $19 and $29 plan

Coverage availability

Available in parts of 54 places

Available in parts of 37 places

Download Speeds

Up to 100Mbps theoretical download

Up to 150Mbps theoretical download

Smartphone Availability

27 4G mobile phones, mobile broadband devices and tablets

Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung GALAXY S4 (CAT 4), Vodafone Pocket WiFi R215, Vodafone Mobile Broadband Vodem K5150

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Voda NZ 4G

Voda NZ 4G


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